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Sattlerstraße 35
D-78532 Tuttlingen-Nendingen

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About us

about us

The instruments from HGR are German quality products which were manufactured 99 % In-house.
In this combination we use 3 modern CNC milling machines and 7 CNC productions centre on which
we produce the biggest part of our rough parts. Vendor Prtas were produced by smaller surgical firms
in our local area. So we can guarantee you the best quality which you can rely on.

For long-term quality assurance we use the quality management system
according to DIN EN ISO 13485 : 2016, which is certificated since June 2010.
With a "Click" at the below mentioned emblem you can print out our actual certificate

As an innovative company we are open for suggestions and force our advancement of
our products. For customer preferences and a corresponding lot size we produce special
designed instruments tailored to customer requirement.

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